ISO 17024

ISO 17024 is the standard for conformity and assessment of an ever increasing mobile global workforce. It underscores the value of industry-recognized credentials that can be carried across national borders. It covers a global benchmark for personnel certification programmes to ensure that they operate in a consistent, comparable and reliable manner worldwide, thereby allowing individuals to have skills that translate across national lines.

Some of the areas it overs are public accountants, safety professionals, non-destructive testing experts, supply and purchasing management professionals, the construction industry, healthcare professionals and hundreds more.

ISO 17024 help organizations to protect the integrity and ensure the validity of individual certification programmes. It will also help to promote consumer and public confidence in the capabilities and competence of those who provide specialized services or who create the products that support daily lives. ISO 17024 will also increase the potential for national and international reciprocity of certified individuals and personnel certification bodies.

Certification Process