ISO 17065

ISO 17065 schemes provide Process and Product Certification versus only Management Systems Certifications. This means your processes and products achieve certification - which include the certification of the system designed to deliver the product and process – a complete assessment of the operation.

In simpler terms, ISO 17065 looks at the intent, the method and the results. Management Systems certification look at the intent, only. Also, good auditing practice, is focussed on product specification and product sampling, whereas Management Systems focus more on documentation.

ISO 17065 specifies requirements, the observance of which is intended to ensure that the CBs operate certification schemes in a competent, consistent and impartial manner. ISO 17065 does not set requirements for schemes and how they are developed and is not intended to restrict the role or choice of scheme owners (person or organization responsible for developing and maintaining the certification scheme). However, such scheme requirements should not contradict or exclude any of the requirements of ISO 17065.

This allows for any scheme to be "within" an ISO 17065 certification if it has been through the "functional approach" as described in in ISO 17000:

  • Selection
  • Determination
  • Review
  • Attestation
  • Surveillance